Which oil companies does the syndicate contact?

Usually we contact Team Flitwick, Shelford, Goff Oils, CPL (also known as EMO), Total Butler, Browns, Fuelcare, Birmingham Fuel Oils and CPS.
If you know of another supplier who is competitive in this area let us know.

Why is there a minimum of 500 litres?

This is imposed by the Trading Standards authority, See http://tinyurl.com/minimumvolumedeliveries  

Do I need to order oil every time the syndicate places an order?

No, you only need to place an order when you need it.

How are the good causes the syndicate supports selected?

The current good causes were selected as having local interest.

What do I need to do to order oil?

Having joined the syndicate, members either phone, email, or deliver a note to Courtyard House stating the volume they need.

Who do I pay for my oil delivery?

Your contract is with the oil supplier selected by the syndicate for that order so you pay them direct. If you have not used them before some suppliers want payment before delivery, other suppliers and those you have bought from before will give you credit.

Does the syndicate supply gas oil?

The syndicate currently only orders burning oil, but will put users of gas oil in touch with each other so they can bulk buy together.

When will I get my oil?

The oil suppliers are asked to deliver within two weeks of receiving our order. If you need oil more quickly then you should order it independently.

Do I need to be at home when the oil is delivered?

No, provided the driver can access your tank then there is no need to be present.

Can I stay with my current supplier and be part of the syndicate?

No, the idea of the syndicate is to shop around so you cannot restrict which oil company will provide your oil. This means that you cannot be subscribed to a top up service and place orders via the syndicate.

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