The Withersfield Heating Oil Syndicate is a buying group formed in 2008 to make savings by ordering burning oil in bulk and to raise funds for good causes. The advantage of a syndicate is based on volume so the more members we supply the better the deals we can make.

The idea is to co-ordinate deliveries for syndicate members at regular intervals throughout the year. By bulk ordering we can obtain lower prices than buying individually, a tanker can make several deliveries in the village in one day saving the oil supplier time and transport costs which they are prepared to share with us. There will be less tanker traffic on the roads so we will all benefit.

We haveĀ about 45 members in and around Withersfield on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border with annual oil consumption of over 130,000 litres.


How it works

Good causes

How to join the syndicate


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